Advisor - Mrs. Foran

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Game Review: by Kyle Davis

   Advanced Warfare, the eleventh installment of the Call of Duty franchise, was released on November 4th. I’ve had a month to play this game and it has manhy new things that I would like to share, so let’s get started!  
   First of all, the multiplayer is FRESH and NEW! It is nothing like you have seen before. This year, the developer, Sledgehammer Games, added new movement mechanics to Call of Duty such as the dash, boost jump, exo slide, and boost slam that are easy and don’t feel awkward to use. They go smoothly in-game. There are such as the exo abilities, which replace the tactical slot (tactical and lethal grenades are now under the exo launcher slot), an all new loot system, and many small things that really do matter.
    Secondly, the co-op mode, Exo-Survival, is not too good. All that this game mode is, is just a copy and paste of the co-op mode of their previous game, Modern Warfare 3, with smarter enemies or AI (Artificial Intelligence). If you have never played this game mode, I will explain it. You and up to 3 other players have to survive as many waves of enemies as possible, these waves are recorded as rounds. These enemies can vary from regular soldiers to small drones in the sky that shoot at you. There are also areas on the map that allow you to upgrade all the aspects of your character from your weapons to your armor. But do not fear! Another co-op mode that is widely known from the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty Zombies, is going to be added in January as dlc (downloadable content)!
   Lastly, the campaign (story mode) was GREAT! This is one of the only games where I really asked myself, “is this a game or a movie”, multiple times. They spent more time on the campaign than any other Call of Duty. They worked so hard on the small details that really matter, from the way the characters move, to the way they act and talk. Usually in Call of Duty, the campaign and multiplayer have similar aspects, so the campaign can give you a sort of feel for what the multiplayer will be like, but in Advanced Warfare, the campaign and multiplayer are truly completely different experiences. Not to spoil anything, but the ending was lacking, as if the last mission was rushed, but overall it was great! Also, how could you go wrong with Kevin Spacey playing the antagonist?
   To conclude, this game is a must buy! The multiplayer is game changing and fresh, the campaign is great, and the famous Zombies game mode is going to be added to the game in January. Another reason why the game is so great, is because the developer, Sledgehammer Games, is so interactive with their fans, they listen to the feedback. So if their community thinks that something should be fixed, changed, or that something should be added to the game, Sledgehammer Games will be listening. That is why I rate this game: a solid 9/10