Advisor - Mrs. Foran

Friday, December 5, 2014

Current Events: by Maggie Kurth

As more information about the rapidly changing climate surfaces, global warming is becoming an issue treated with more urgency than in has been in quite some time. The highest manufactures of waste contributing to global warming are China and the United States due to their large numbers of factories and modes of transportation that create exhaust which pollutes the air. The two countries have reached an agreement on ways to reduce their carbon footprint, China by using solar and wind energy for up to 20% of their power sources by 2030, and the United States by reducing their carbon emissions anywhere between 26 and 28 %  by 2025.  The new plan was announced in Beijing by both President Obama and Xi Jinping, and has been analyzed by scientist and legal experts who have decided that either  country does not have to reduce their greenhouse gases immediately, and could even wait until the very last minute to stop using fossil fuels, making the whole agreement ineffective and pointless.