Advisor - Mrs. Foran

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Makeup Trends of 2014 - by: Danielle Weigand, 9th grade

Fall is my all time favorite season for fashion and beauty. This years makeup trends stand out the most because they mainly focus on major pops of color and the "no makeup" look.

Overall Face: Matte or Dewy?
 The answer is Dewy! A dewy finish is a more "light reflecting" look. It gives the look of all the natural oils without being too oily. This type of finish incorporates and more natural and life like face. As appose to a matte finish. Matte makeup can be worn all season long but is occasionally worn during the winter and late fall. Matte gives you the look of a doll like appearance almost flawless.  Finishing sprays by NYX can help you achieve either look :)

Thick and bold brows are a must this year! Women such as Cara delevingne, Lily Collins and even Audrey Hepburn have the bushy brows. Threading gives you the best possible shape over waxing because since waxing is just a straight strip it wouldn't give you the best shape possible.

The cat eye is always a favorite. A pop of eye shadow is the new look also. From vibrant eye shadows to flouresnt eye liners, color is a must have!
Spider lashes have also came back! So ladies, rock those lashes.

Lips, Lips and more Lips:
Plum lips are a fall favorite. Especially with the new NYX butter gloss! Nude lips are also a fall favorite. Dark colors always look best during the fall.

BEAUTY BLENDERS!!!! Beauty blenders of any kind are an essential to foundation and concealer. Just damp the sponge and dab on your foundation for a flawless finish!